To be the world’s preferred SUPPLIER of QUALITY broiler breeding STOCK.


    To play a LEADING role in FEEDING future generations by PROVIDING quality broiler breeding stock to produce a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE source of PROTEIN.



    POSITIVE ATTITUDE: We show a positive “can-do” attitude in our work and interaction with colleagues and customers.

    CUSTOMER FOCUSED: We devote our time and energy to add value and make a difference for customers each day.

    TEAM ORIENTED: We work together toward efficient and effective ways to meet customer needs and help our company succeed.

    RESPECTFUL: We treat everyone with equal respect and value their contributions, as well as their diversity.

    CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We’re a learning organization, with a constant drive toward greater achievement to benefit our customers and stakeholders.

    INTEGRITY: We show consistent moral and ethical behavior in all we do.

    CARING: We care for our employees, our customers, our birds, our communities and our world.