Aviagen understands the importance of health and biosecurity and that keeping pathogens out of the food chain begins with the primary breeder. Rigorous biosecurity protocols are in place at all Aviagen facilities and the movements of people, stock and equipment within the production operations are strictly controlled.

Our biosecurity programs are targeted toward preventing the introduction and spread of disease causing agents, meeting and/or exceeding all the official regulations for the trade of poultry breeding stock, and minimizing disruptions to the supply of breeding stock to our customers.

Aviagen is committed to a corporate philosophy that understands our responsibilities to the industry and our customers. Significant investments in infrastructure designed to ensure biosecurity are in place, and a comprehensive flock health program is used to monitor our flocks. In addition, education and training of company employees and all contract personnel involved in live production is part of our philosophy, using close supervision by dedicated and specialized poultry veterinarians and microbiologists, as we work toward continuous improvements to our programs incorporating evolving and science based methodologies.

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Focus on Facilities

Aviagen’s ongoing investment program ensures that its more than 260 production facilities located around the world are built to the highest biosecurity standards and incorporate the latest equipment and systems technology.

Dedicated elite farms and hatcheries with advanced environmental control systems ensure a consistent selection environment and continuous progress in product performance. Single-age great grandparent and grandparent farms supply hatching eggs to the breeder hatcheries for the export of superior day-old poultry stock to the global distributor network.

In addition, Aviagen’s state-of-the-art feed processing facilities and veterinary laboratories ensure comprehensive monitoring of health status and control the risk of infection from disease.

As a result of excellent biosecurity standards, Aviagen has achieved compartment status for its facilities in the United Kingdom, US, Brazil, India, Colombia and Turkey. This means in the event of a disease outbreak, chicks and eggs can be exported from approved locations to countries that recognize compartmentalization.

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